“FLORAL, antique and contemporary Crafts” is placed in the heart of the ancient city of Kamakura, within only a minute’s walk from the Higashi-Torii (the East Torii) of Tsurugaoka Hachimangu, which is the most important Shinto shrine in the vicinity.

The shop is on the ground floor of a traditional Japanese style house, surrounded and protected by the rich vegetation of Hachimangu.

You will be able to enjoy the atmosphere of an old wooden Japanese house in its original form. The modest garden celebrates both native Japanese and Western herbs and plants.

FLORAL is a shop with riches brought together by three owners in different specialty fields. We have not only antiques, but also contemporary works collected from around the world. All items are carefully hand crafted, have stories to share, and are sure to enrich your daily life.

“FLORAL” – Antiques and vintage tableware from UK. We offer tableware such as cups & saucers, plates, silver cutlery and textiles that have been treasured in English households. Antiques at Floral are intended to be used daily, rather than being simple ornaments. It is our belief that beautifully made, time-honoured items enrich our modern lives

Nefer Gallery – Introducing the Egyptian world.

The theme is simplicity and high quality.

Throughout thousands of years of Egyptian history, unique art and craftsmanship have flourished. However, it has become harder to find such fine and skilled workmanship. I would very much like to introduce you to a few artists who are working tirelessly to restore many old and traditional crafts.

Nefer Gallery offers pottery, silverware, exclusive Egyptian cotton bed linen amongmany other items.

“Beyul” – A world of antique beads

Beyul spent much of his time in his twenties travelling around India,Nepal, Tibet, South-East Asia, West Africa and the Middle East.

He has since built a high reputation for his collection of Antique and collectable beads,and his knowledge of their historical background.

Recently, Beyul has presented original handmade accessories using his collection.

The word “bead” originates from the word “biden” or “bede,” which is the ancient Anglo-Saxon word meaning to “pray” counting the number of beads on the rosario for each prayer given. In Japan, coloured glass with a hole for the string was called “Tonbo-dama” dating back to the Edo period, 17C – 19C.

The history of beads goes back more than a hundred thousand years, frequently found at excavation sites around the world.

In the ancient times, beads were made of natural materials such as shells, stone, animal tusks and bones. These primitive beads were the oldest form of jewellery and amulets, symbolising wealth and social power, eventually interweaving with that of currency.

From time immemorial, man has been drawn towards the beauty of beads, and the wish to adorn himself. We are living in a time where we are able to behold these precious objects handed down over many generations.

Please come and visit us to see our rare and excellent items from Europe, Asia and the Middle East. We wish that your visit will offer you a memorable experience.

FLORAL Antiques and Contemporary crafts
3-1-7Yukinoshita Kamakura Kanagawa, Japan 248-0005
on Tuesdays